Heavy wall heat shrink tubing (D-HW), with adhesive (DH-WA)

2017/6/16 viewers
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  • TypeD-HW / DH-WA
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Designed for applications to seal and protect electrical and
communication connections. Provides excellent mechanical
protection to cable joints and terminations, flexible gas pipes,
High resistance to impact, abrasion, corrosion, UV and chemical.
Rated for 1 kV, 90 °C continuous use. DH-WA is recommended for
applications on light cables and wire harnesses which require
waterproofing, protection of connector components, and thus
encapsulates and seal components contained within the tubing.
Operating temperature: -55°C to +110°C
Shrink temperature:120°C
Resistant to UV-radiation.
Standard colors: Black. Special color: Red.
Packaging: Length as standards.

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