Wrap around sleeves

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DW-AS cross linked polyethylene wraparound sleeves are suitable to restore
XLPE and paper insulated cable’s outer jackets quickly and securely. They give
excellent electrical, environmental and mechanical protection in LV joints. The
sleeves are lined with hot-melt adhesive to ensure moisture or water
penetration. Also suitable to use in LV branch joints.
The wraparound sleeves are made from thermally stabilized cross linked
weather resistant polymeric material. When heating, the sleeve shrinks and the
adhesive melts create a watertight bond between the sleeve and the cable.
Sleeve materials equals to the material properties of the original cable jacket, it
closes easily with a flexible stainless steel channel. For insulation on low
voltage cable up to 1000V.

Other wrap around sleeves are also available on special request
- DW-AS/R: fiber glass reinforcing layer
Using the same compound as DW-AS (hot melt adhesive), but with a special fiber glass reinforcing layer.
- DW-AS/S: fiber glass reinforcing layer with aluminum moisture vapor barrier layer

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